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The Covid-19 Health Crisis has been an opportunity for HR services to show the importance of their place in companies. Faced with the new measures of the organisations, it was necessary to demonstrate innovation and adaptation following the premature digitalization of the offices. What are the elements that constitute the added value of human resources in 2021?

“People have priority,” says Audrey Richard, President of ANDRH. That is why we are seeing a real emphasis on the human resources department during this pandemic period.

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Indicators of the HR Service

Being an actor in an HR department means acting on the establishment of good communication between the differents parts of the company. It is also necessary to play a role of prevention and protection of employees. In the face of changes in the workplace, it is imperative to ensure business continuity while introducing new communication devices. Finally, it is also a role of coaching and monitoring talent, face-to-face or teleworking, throughout their career within the company.

Acting in a time of crisis: the added value of the human resources

Positioned as a leader in the work reorganisation process, the human resources functions ensure that business continuity is maintained by readjusting work codes. It is a position that mixes strategy and operations. During the lockdowns, HR unexpectedly ensured the immediate implementation of the new government measures .

HR Challenges for 2021

The main objective is to strengthen the link between the social performance and the economic performance of the company.

After a year of implementation of this protocol, it is important not to lose sight of the objectives set and the new challenges to be met. For example, continue to be vigilant about health rules and the organisation of quality telework. Ensure support for the management of these new “hybrid” employees is to be expected, because this way of working will gradually take root in our daily lives.

Gradually and through the various confinements, the Human Resources Department remained at the forefront by acting with efficiency.

By : Inès Kindou
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