The annual evaluation interview from an HR point of view !

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Each employee will have to face this perilous exercise that is the annual evaluation interview. This is an important moment for the employees but also for the managers who will have to respect very precise rules if they want to get the most out of it.

What are the steps to complete an annual interview?

Two people discussing during an annual interview

Make a general assessment of the person who is going to be evaluated:

For each employee that the manager will have to evaluate, he will have to make a general assessment that will allow him to:

  • Highlight and think about the employee’s strengths and contributions to the company
  • Highlight the points to be improved and the employee’s default
  • Make a point on is evolution: developed skills, level of work, socialization, business life
  • Anticipate the expectations that the employee may have and be prepared to answer them as good as possible
  • Think about the possible evolution of the employee.

During the annual evaluation interview, it will be necessary at first:

Be attentive and caring towards the collaborator:

  • Let him do his self-assessment and be a player in this interview. It will allow him to make a retrospection of the professional year he has just passed and you will know his point of view and whether he came to prepare or not.

Preparing the future:

  • Build the future goals of the employee by linking them with the company’s objectives
  • Highlight the needs of changes within the company and think about the training and support needs of the employee

Summarize the points discussed during the interview:

  • If properly conducted, the annual evaluation can remove most of the doubts from both the employee and the manager. The annual interview should be taken as a means of strengthening the relationship between employee and employee and not as a daunting task.
  • Following the interview, the work of the manager will have to be followed up, which will be materialized by intermediate reports and which will help follow the progress of the employee, and to support him if necessary, in his various steps. It will also be necessary to take into account the fact that, if the evolution of the context but also the working environment call into question the objectives set, it will be necessary to redefine them.

Finally, the evaluation takes the form of an annual interview between the employee and his / her supervisor to review the work. Contrary to the almost negative image that many will have, the interview will make it possible to identify the causes of certain problems but especially to find axes of improvements. It will allow all its actors (manager, the employee or the company) to progress and therefore significantly improve the internal communication and resources of the company.

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