Digitization of human resources in 2021

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The health crisis experienced over the past two years has totally challenged working methods. Indeed, lock down has encouraged the digitization of all professional processes. Some companies that had not yet considered the digitization of human resources management encountered difficulties in the conduct of their different HR processes. This includes recruitment processes, interviews and training.

Digitization of human resources

Digitization of recruitment

The establishment  of a digital hiring system has become essential following the introduction of telework in our daily lives. The digitalized recruitment tools allow the monitoring of recruitment campaigns as well as the evaluation of talent remotely.
A recruitment interview can also be conducted from a digital tool directly or deferred.

Digitization of interviews

Recruitment interview or evaluation campaigns have been digitally reinvented. Management tools offer the possibility to monitor the progress of interview campaigns in real time. The hierarchy and employees have the same easy access to the software. This solution also makes it possible to encourage the tasks of managers, who will be able to easily schedule the interviews of their employees, even remotely.

The digitization of training

The lock down has led many employees to question their professional life. Some have turned to learning new skills online to get closer to their goals. In fact, easy-to-use digital solutions are set up to organise training in order to develop employees’ skills.

The need to set up a digitization of human resources, particularly recruitment, interviews and training, was strongly felt during telework area. But it is also possible to dematerialise all HR practices in order to make actions and information accessible to all.

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By : Inès Kindou
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