How to identify the training needs of workers ?

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The success of an organization depends on its technical and financial resources but also on its human resources. Indeed, the latter really strenghten its development. Thus, the role of HR managers goes beyond recruitments. It also includes the implementation of strategies that will help in the retention of workers, especially in terms of training. It must be adapted to employees’ wishes and necessarily involves the identification of their training needs.

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Interviews are a real communication channel for employees and managers. They allow managers to compare the organisation’s goals with the workers’ ones. They also help them in the implementation of training plans. For employees, interviews offer the opportunity to express themselves and tell about their training needs. Furthermore, they will be aware of the visions and goals of the company.

Definition of the goals of the organization

A clear definition of the organization’s goals allows managers to identify the professional training that their employees have to follow. Besides, technological developments or regulations must also be taken into account in the identification of the best training plans to put in place.

Identification of needs related to a job or a position

In an organization, the different professions and positions have to be well analyzed in order to identify the skills and abilities that each of them requires. The gap between the required skills and the worker’s ones will indicate the trainings that have to be implemented. This type of comparison helps in offering workers “personalized” and appropriate trainings.

The advantage of training management software

The advantage of training management software is that it will allow employees to express their training needs directly. HR managers will be able to access to all the requests and validate them or not. In addition, training management software allows decision makers to have a view on past trainings or qualifications that will be required by employees. Besides, they allow to send invitations or reminders. Consequently, they simplify the identification of needs and the organization of trainings. In addition, with the training reform, HR processes are changing. HRIS tools enable their reorganization while adapting to the new challenges of HR managers.

Profesional trainings have a real impact on businesses’ development. They allow organizations to remain competitive and employees to keep on learning and developing their skills. Therefore, it is important to identify the most suitable trainings. Thus, training management software allows a precise identification of needs and makes easier the organization of trainings.

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By : Marina AGBA

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