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In this period of full recovery of activities and gradual return to a more sustained pace of life. This year labour codes also bring some new information for the beginning of the summer. Brief overview of HR news planned for July 2021:

July 1, 2021: Extended paternity leave

Paternity leave, or paternity and childcare leave, has been in the labour code since 2002. On July 1, it will be extended from 11 to 25 days of leave for the birth of a child and up to 32 days for multiple births. As a reminder and in comparison, maternity leave is 16 to 34 weeks. The novelty is also in the taking of this leave which can now be taken within 6 months after birth.
According to legal obligations, the employee will notify his employer of the taking of the leave at least 1 month in advance and mentioning the date of return. In accordance with these conditions, leave may not be refused. Finally, at the end of this period, the employee must return to his post with at least equivalent remuneration.

HR News paternity leave

HR News: Partial Activity

The reform of partial long-term activity will be implemented to compensate for the drop in activity in the next two years. One of the most damaging effects of the health crisis is unemployment. To limit job losses in the sectors most affected by the pandemic, a new partial unemployment scheme will come into effect on 1 July. It is less generous (60% of net pay) but is intended to last over time. In addition, a new clause guarantees employment throughout the duration of the contract suspension. The partial long-term activity will be renewable 4 times and the partial common law activity conducted over 3 months will be renewable 1 time.

By : Inès Kindou
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