When a job interview rhymes with body language !

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During a job interview, it is important to realize that body language is as important as a person’s professional skills. This is a factor that may allow you to distinguish between two candidates who may have the same professional profile.

A man whose body language shows he is ready for his job interview

In this article, we will list the positive and negative attitudes that should be taken into consideration during an interview.

What you should observe :

  • Pay attention to the outfit of the person you are looking at without asking too much. Instead, make sure he is clean on himself and confident.
  • Be careful with the person’s eyes. Is he looking away? Does he manage to look you in the eye? Does his eyes wander? Assume that a person who looks you in the eye is open to discussion and above all, confident. This will allow you to know what kind of person you are dealing with.

Someone confident (but not too confident. Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance)

A person who can cope with stress and anxiety

A shy person, but one who shows some confidence

Someone who will not be able to keep calm in times of stress

What you should ask : 

  • Test the knowledge of the person in front of you. Ask questions about the company to ensure that they know what they are applying for and that they have the personal and professional requirements to work in your team. You will have three types of behaviors:

A person who is calm, who knows what he is talking about and who knows his subject. By pushing the questions, you will know if he stayed on the surface of the information or, if he really dug to find the information. It shows a certain character trait.

Somebody who only partially knows the subject but who nevertheless makes sure to answer each of your question thanks to the little information he has.

Somebody who doesn’t know what’s happening. His eyes are fleeing, his voice is hesitant and his laughter nervous.

What you should do :

  • Ask questions about him to make sure that his vision of a company matches yours. Observe his body language, his eyes and you will know if it is something he really means or says to get the job.
  • Look at his overall attitude: is he slouching on himself? Is he dynamic or nonchalant? An almost urgent desire to touch everything? By asking yourself all these questions and observing the body language of your interlocutor as much as his CV, as a result, you will be able to find the answers to your questions.
  • Finally, even if it is up to the applicant to make sure that the interview goes well, it is also up to you to make sure that he is as comfortable as possible. Greet him with a smile, allow him to sit down, show that you are interested in him while remaining professional. This will allow your interlocutor to open up to you and be much more natural in the way he speaks.

To conclude :

Remember that an open and positive body language (smile, look) makes you want to engage in conversation but also builds trust. Assume that the person in front of you will necessarily be stressed by the fact of having an interview. It will therefore be up to you to adopt a relaxed and professional attitude at the same time, in order to allow him to bring out the best of himself.

An interview is not the easiest thing to do and can be extremely stressful depending on the person hence you’ll have to keep these few tips in mind to make your recruitment process easier.

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