How can companies anticipate their recruitment needs in case of resignation?

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More and more companies are confronted with a difficulty that is more and more present: finding new employees in the rush.

According to a study carried out by the FIFG, six out of ten managerial employees would consider resigning from their current job and one out of three would consider retraining to improve their salary and professional prospects. They no longer hesitate to resign when they feel they are stagnating or not getting what they think they deserve.

So, in the event of resignation or early departure, how can we anticipate recruitment needs?


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First of all, it will be necessary to implement a strategy for the acquisition of new employees while keeping an eye on the employees already present:

Attract new talent:

  • Evaluate your current practices and analyse your needs
  • Make yourself visible and attractive to large groups
  • Rethink your recruitment process and adapt it to the changing market
  • Anticipate recruitment needs

Preserve current employees:

  • Anticipate their needs in internal training and work-study programs because tomorrow’s professions will require a transformation of skills (some managers may evolve in their functions)
  • Pay more attention to the balance between personal and professional life
  • Focus on quality of life at work
  • Highlight the strengths of your staff
  • Build staff loyalty

Secondly, in order to anticipate immediate recruitment, it is important that the company takes the lead by having a pool of qualified candidates at its disposal at all times.

Create a candidate database:

This consists of creating and implementing a “reserve list” that the employer can consult in urgent situations. This saves time, especially if you have already prepared the way ahead. But how to create this database:

  • Use your professional and personal networks to identify and benchmark potential collaborators
  • Seek the help of your own employees and collaborators who will be able to help you given their knowledge of the company and its needs
  • Listen to the recommendations of your partners or the committee who can propose candidates adapted to the needs that will have been mentioned beforehand.

Maintain your candidate database:

After having made your selection of potential collaborators, it will be necessary to maintain it by small actions:

  • Follow them on their socials networks and connect with them constantly
  • Tell them about the company and its values
  • Have both formal and informal discussions that allow you to maintain contact between you and the employee

While the process is long, it is preferable to the early recruitment of an unsuitable candidate, which could lead to a vicious circle. Implementing such a strategy will allow you to have at hand and at any time a database of relevant candidates ready to fill vacancies in your company.


Finally, keep in mind that your company is more efficient when the right people are in the right positions that reflect who they are. Transform your chosen talents into performance. By relying on the talents of your employees, you will obtain performances that will lead to entrepreneurial growth.

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