Creation and interpretation of a skill radar ?

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The skill radar is a chart that allows managers to visualize their team’s skills or their company’s ones. It highlights levels of skills. A skill radar is an excellent tool for managers who need to put in place suitable skills development plans for employees.

picture of a skill radar

Skill radars : What are they for?

They are a real asset in the identification of skills in enterprises. They are used for comparisons and they enhance performances or individual abilities compared to others. Skill radars are created in order to improve the performances and the productivity of a company. Therefore, it will be possible to compare several people on the basis of different variables or skills.

How to interpret a skill radar ?

For a good reading and interpretation of skill radars, the following points have to be taken into account :

  • Each axis of the graph represents a skill. All the axes start from the same origin.
  • The axes are arranged radially with equal distances between each of them.
  • The further towards the edge of the spoke a point reaches, the more we will consider that the skill is mastered.
  • The more a point is close to the center, the more it will indicate a low value.
  • The variables (here the skills) are connected together to form a polygon.

How to create a skill radar ?

Skill radars can be created in different ways :


It’s a tool that will enable its users to create a radar chart. After having selected the data to be used, the “insert” tab will allow to select a type of radar.

Online creation tools

Online tools offer the possibility to create several types of graphics including radars. They also offer the possibility to personalize available templates.

HRIS Software

The advantage of a HRIS is that it is already gathered with information of the company. Consequently, they will easily bring out radars/graphs and other analyses based on this information.

Skill radars allow HR managers to have a global view on the performances of their company. They will help when tables or bar charts appear difficult to understand (too many workers for instance). However, some reading difficulties can be noticed when there are too many polygons on a radar or too many variables to analyze for example.

By : Marina AGBA

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