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NEEVA Interview management software supports you in managing all kinds of interviews within your organisation: annual performance reviews, professional interviews etc.

Gain genuine performance leverage from your interviews! Discover a complete and easy-to-use solution to organise and monitor your interviews. This convenient solution includes your employees in the interview process and easily pinpoints talent and those with great potential.

Create questionnaires and manage interview campaigns

With NEEVA Entretien, create interview questionnaires according to your needs: configure lists and fields, then customise the display of your models. Launch your campaigns and configure your desired approval workflow and automatic emailing at each stage of the process. The solution allows you to manage all types of interview (professional, appraisal, in-house mobility etc.) and receive alerts for future interviews to schedule. Also, using the NEEVA Skills modules, you can evaluate employee skills.

Involve employees in interviews

Before being created by line managers, interviews can be prepared by employees using NEEVA Entretien software (auto-evaluation of skills, data input of mobility aspirations etc.). Once the training requirements of your employees have been entered, requests feed back automatically in the NEEVA Training module. Also take advantage of career development analysis tools (help in the choice of training, improvement of skills, mobility etc.) to build a professional project for your employees.

Keep track of your interview campaigns

Using NEEVA Training, monitor progress of your interview campaigns and analyse them. Examine the content of your interviews and view employees who have not benefited from interviews or training.
Analyse your data in real time

Analyse your data in real time

NEEVA software gives you more than 200 scorecards, performance indicators and graphs. You can also use the integrated Web requester, exclusive to NEEVA, to create bespoke scorecards.