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NEEVA Skills management software is a complete, user-friendly and convenient solution to easily manage your human capital skills and talents. With the NEEVA solution improve the productivity of your HR teams. Manage all stages of your skills management through a wide range of innovative and configurable features, which can accommodate your everyday needs.

Index your skills and operations

In NEEVA Skills you can find out about and refer to details of your skills and activities. The tool makes it possible for you to sort your skills by theme, domain, sub-domain etc. Also create your own scale levels and manage correlation between several skills! Via the NEEVA Interview module, during interviews you have the skill evaluation of your employees at your disposal.

Manage your job and job vacancy data repositories

Sort by family, sub-family, path and sort your job and job vacancy files: tasks, duties, accessibility, required skills, associated risks, training and clearance required etc. Assign your employees to appropriate jobs and jobs vacancies and save the history of the different held jobs and vacancies.

Analyse your skills and explore your talent

In NEEVA Skills you explore and analyse your human capital skills. Analyse mobility areas and search for potential. Also carry out management and data historization of the skills of each employee, making use of the multi-criteria analyses and statistics of the tool.
Analyse your data in real time

Analyse your data in real time

NEEVA software gives you more than 200 scorecards, performance indicators and graphs. You can also use the integrated Web requester, exclusive to NEEVA, to create bespoke scorecards.