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NEEVA Training Centre software supports the management of your internal training centres and corporate universities. Improve performance and efficiency with this comprehensive software, designed so that you can easily manage all your training centre activities. To meet all your needs, NEEVA software adapts to your organisation and to changes in the training sector.

Log your customer data, promote your training catalogues and manage your resources and training methods

Using NEEVA Training Centre management software, log your client data and manage correspondence and invoicing contact details. Quickly create training sessions and training courses according to your training methods (in-class, e-learning, “blended”) and promote your training catalogues. This solution allows you to easily manage your resources and training methods: training description (agenda, teaching methods, requirements), index your suppliers and trainers, planning and resource consultation (trainers, training rooms, equipment etc.).

Plan your training sessions

Using the NEEVA Training module you can retrieve your training requirements and plan your training sessions. Forecast assigned resources as well as logistical organisation. Registrations to training sessions are digitised: they can be entered by HR or decentralised to managers and employees. Once the sessions are created, manage attendances/absences and training evaluation directly within the tool. Throughout the process, you benefit from automated Mail Merge (notifications, certificates) and training agreements.

Manage the operation of your training centre

Invoice your training centre sessions: the tool enables you to issue invoices with multiple addresses, to export them from your accounting software, to keep track of invoicing etc. Analyse planned and completed training sessions and optimise your resources, using room occupancy rate for example.
Analyse your data in real time

Analyse your data in real time

NEEVA Training management software provides you with more than 200 scorecards (projections, shortfalls, achievements etc.), performance indicators and charts. You can also use the integrated Web requester, exclusive to NEEVA, to create bespoke scorecards.