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The NEEVA Training management software guides you in your training management so that you can organise your training plans efficiently and simply. With innovative, powerful and configurable features, you can master perfectly every step of the training cycle.

This training management software allows you to involve all your employees and managers in training management using dedicated and fully customisable NEEVA Training solution profiles.

Easily log your data

With NEEVA Training software, efficiently manage your training catalogues: create internships and training courses quickly and log your resources and solutions easily. You can log your suppliers and stakeholders, manage medical clearances and checks, automatically exchange your data with E-Learning and Quiz platforms etc. With the CNFPT platform organisations benefit from automatic communication.

Identify and determine your needs

Define your budget allocation and identify your training needs by following an approval workflow. NEEVA Training software efficiently manages your training plans and provisional training plans, in particular thanks to automatic feedback of training needs stored in the NEEVA Interview module. Easily simulate, determine and complete your training plan.

Organise and plan your training initiatives

Plan your individual training and group training sessions using NEEVA Training software to save time during the whole process: logistical organisation, record training session registrations, manage attendances and absences, manage training assessments, automated Mail Merge etc.

Manage your training budget in real time

Using NEEVA Training software, conveniently oversee your training budget thanks to the optimised management of your projected, committed and incurred costs. Manage regulatory arrangements (professionalisation duration and contract, etc.) and for public institutions, statutory pronouncements (induction and professionalisation training, etc.). Companies can manage multiple financing and reimbursements from the OPCA (Joint Commission for Collective Training).
Analyse your data in real time

Analyse your data in real time

NEEVA Training management software provides more than 200 scorecards (projections, shortfalls, achievements etc.), performance indicators and charts. You can also use the integrated Web requester, exclusive to NEEVA, to create bespoke scorecards. Also, Organisations can publish their Annual Training Report.