Case study

Système U

testimonial Systeme U


Système U is the 4th largest generalist French food distribution group consolidating Hyper U, Super U, Marché U, U express and Utile and brands. The group is a cooperative organisation which includes 1423 outlets throughout France (including Overseas Departments and Territories), 1 national centre divided into 3 entities and 4 regional centres.

On the one hand, the group’s national centre required aggregated data on training; on the other hand, it was necessary to equip shops and some regional centres with a training management and scheduling software.

Since 2014, the NEEVA Training Centre has supported Système U in managing the training of its 63000 employees. In fact, after evaluating all the solutions on the market, in order to meet our requirements, to us the NEEVA solution seemed to be the most adaptable and customisable. Also, our NEEVA contact took on board our problems which was not the case with other companies.


Before being able to implement the NEEVA solution, we undertook organisational changes by launching various projects:

  • Alignment of documentation between the 4 regional centres (e.g.: notifications, training programmes, registration forms etc.)
  • Alignment of operational processes
  • Functional design customisation of the tool
  • Preparation of procedural guidelines

Despite our workplace environment, different and complex practices, the tool implementation went very well. In fact, we had representatives ready to listen, routinely looking to find a quick solution to our various blocking points.


Firstly, when we implement the new tools in our organisation, resistance to change is common. It is important to communicate, to demonstrate and support the teams over several weeks. In doing this, naturally we succeeded in implementing the tool.


We noticed a number of benefits following the implementation of the NEEVA Training Centre solution: data consolidation is possible, analysing the number of reporting methods between each region is simplified, exports can be customised etc. And as we chose SaaS hosting, the tool is accessible anywhere, which saves a lot of file processing time.


Sylvain HAMELIN, Training Manager Pôle IPV Nord-Ouest