Case study

Conseil Départemental de la Creuse

Creuse departement choose Neeva training

The Conseil Départemental de la Creuse includes around 1100 agents, distributed across 70 sites and pinpoints 130 jobs matching the various skills in the organisation: social, colleges, environmental, laboratory facilities, public reading, heritage.

Background and Challenges

Before 2008, training management was carried out in Excel, we have therefore made the choice to choose a solution allowing us, initially, to computerise this training. As a former user of a rival solution within another organisation, I knew what I was expecting from this kind of solution. I wanted a responsive solution to regulatory changes and a solution in terms of support (communication, response times).

We have chosen the NEEVA solution which interfaces with our payroll tool: data import to NEEVA is carried out automatically every night. Our direct contacts within NEEVA, a people-friendly company, as well as the opportunity to regularly take part in meetings dedicated to users to discuss desired developments (Development Workshops, User Club), were the determining factors in our choice.


The installation of the NEEVA Training solution in 2008 was very well received. We waited impatiently and the teams very quickly understood how they could benefit from this new tool. During the first few years, we were the driving force in developing the application and actively took part in developmental evaluations, therefore allowing us to succeed using a comprehensive training management tool.

During installation, there was no major organisational disruption: only the HR Management teams had to get used to this new tool, as the decision had been made internally not to give employee access. On the other hand, the upheaval was real in terms of management: moving from an Excel training management system to an automated tool – what a change! To reply, in one click, to a question from a line manager – what a delight!


For the Conseil Département de la Creuse, the NEEVA Training solution has three main strengths. First of all, its totally customisable requester gives access to essential information with one click. The second main strength is the mine of information that can be retained in the tool. The third is Design Mode, exclusive to the NEEVA application, which allows us to calculate onscreen the languages used by the users.

User feedback on navigation was very positive. According to them, the application is very convenient, user-friendly and has fast access to multiple information, which is an important asset.


Sylvie BOISSIER, Training Manager and GPEC Project Manager
Conseil Départemental de la Creuse